Swap Body Box Trailers – Rental and Lease

Swap Body Box Trailer: An interchangeable freight container with extendable, freestanding legs for dropping off or collection via carrier.

A swap body trailer looks like a conventional box trailer. However, the carrier can leave the trailer in situ thanks to its integrated folding legs. Once the cargo arrives at the drop-off point, the trailer raises to a point high enough to clear the carrier bed. The operator then releases the freestanding support legs and locks them in place, allowing the carrier to pull clear of the swap body box trailer.

When collecting a swap body trailer, the operator drives the carrier underneath the trailer. The chassis raises to take the trailer's weight before re-stowing the legs and lowering itself into place.

Why do you need a swap body box trailer?

If your supply chain relies on a fast turnaround, the swap body box trailer has significant advantages over conventional trailer types.

While one consignment is being delivered, it's possible to load the swap body box while you wait for the carrier’s return. This procedure minimizes turnaround while maximizing loading time. It is ideal for multi-store outlets fed from one distribution hub.

The swap body box system is an excellent option in situations where components are delivered, and finished products shipped.

Swap body box trailer flexibility

Swap body trailers are not only suitable for steel, fixed body trailers. With dimensions consistent throughout the industry, it is possible to deliver a steel body trailer and collect a swap body curtainsider. This adaptability allows for fast loading and flexible unloading.

  • No unloading time
  • Pre-loaded swap box trailer reduces downtime.
  • Fixed body or curtainsider swap body trailers
  • Cost-saving turnaround times
  • Adaptability increases productivity

Swap body box rental, lease and trailer maintenance options

Talk to the experts at TIP for swap body box trailer rental or swap body curtainsider rental. Versatile short-term swap body box rental options cover rental periods of up to one year.

If you need a swap body box trailer or swap body curtainsider for 12 months or more, one of TIPS's flexible lease packages is the best solution.

The financial stability of either option, plus maintenance and repair services available to all, offer road hauliers real-world benefits.

  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Swap body box trailer rental including full-service menu + MOT + roadside assistance
  • Flexible swap body lease + service package available
  • No capital investment
  • Lease a new swap body box or curtainsider trailer or one from TIP's existing fleet of 84 trailer brands
  • Maintenance and repair work available to all road hauliers

Please Note: Are you looking for a specific type of swap body box trailer? Contact us. Thanks to our extensive fleet, TIP has a variety of swap body box and curtainsiders in our range to meet your requirements.

TIP offers swap body box trailer rental or swap body curtainsider lease from all leading manufacturers and more. Please note that availability may differ per location. Check trailer availability in advance.

Are you interested in buying a swap body trailer? Then please look at the TIP Used site.

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