Rent from TIP

Rent iconShort-term rental from TIP

  • Widest choice of asset types and specifications
  • More than 120,000 assets for a period of <12 months
  • Immediate availability from a choice of locations
  • Maintenance and breakdown services included                       
  • Competitive rates
  • Get a quote within 2 days


Rent from TIP

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Features of short term-rental:

  • From 1 day to 10 years

  • Always including Maintenance, Tyres, Damage Protection and Telematics. Damage Protection and Telematics can be optional

  • Through >100 locations in Europe & Canada

  • >100.000 Trailers, Tankers, Container, Chassis, Swapbodies, Trucks, Tractors
    and Light Commercial Vehicles

  • >50 years of experience

  • We can deliver at the required place

Benefits of short-term rental:

Financial Benefits:

  • Easy to budget

  • Control project cost

  • No maintenance & damage cost

  • Reduce disposal cost

  • Improve cashflow

  • Very competitive rates

More efficient & flexible operations:

  • Try before deciding, direct availability

  • Flexibility to support demand

  • Minimize equipment fleet

  • The right equipment for the job

  • No need for storage

Readiness for the future:

  • Gain access to latest technology

  • Cover seasonal peaks


Services included

Damage Protection Service

Damage Protection Service

Protection plans against costs resulting from damage, theft and loss of equipment

Why TIP?

Partnering with TIP Group is a strategic choice to optimize your operations and drive business success. We are a leader in equipment services with an extensive network span over 130 locations across 18 countries in Europe and Canada. We specialize in truck and trailer leasing, rental, maintenance, and repair, along with digital solutions and sale of second-hand equipment, and we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to transportation and logistics customers since 1968. 

Whether you need short-term rental or long-term lease, we have a diverse asset portfolio to increase the uptime and asset utilization of your fleet.  

Our fleet is modern, reliable and offers you the widest choice of trailer types and specifications that you can hire from a single partner. Curtainsiders, box-vans, reefers, flats and chassis trailers from the leading manufacturers are all in our short-term rental fleet along with more specialised assets, such as walking floor trailers. 


With 55 years of experience in renting trailers, TIP can help locate the trailers you need, reach agreement with you at competitive rates and make the trailers available to you, all with a minimum of fuss. Rental can be for as little as one day and the terms of your rental from TIP can provide you with the flexibility you often need when your requirements change. 

Our rental fleet is fully maintained, and you will be fully covered in the event of breakdown. 


Like the top 10 transport and logistics companies in Europe, trust TIP for your transportation needs. 

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