Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles allow you to reduce CO2 emissions while transporting your products  safely.

Electric vehicles are becoming more popular every year as electric vehicle technology rapidly advances. They are also important to add to fleets for environmental sustainability reasons. 

Our electric van availability is dependant on your region, please contact us to find out if we can help you source electric vehicles for your company. 


Note: Are you looking for specific electric vehicles? Contact us. Due to our large fleet, we have different types of electric vehicles in our range to meet your requirements.

TIP offers electric vehicles on a short-term rental or a long term lease basis from all of the leading manufacturers and others. Please note, the available trailers may differ per location. Ask for availability in advance.

Lease or Rent

Electric Van - Lease and Maintenance

Electric Van - Lease and Maintenance

Electric Van – An environmentally friendly electric commercial vehicle for urban multi-drop and supply chain deliveries.