ADR Tanker

ADR tanker: A specialist tanker for safely transporting hazardous liquids and powders.

Accord Dangereux Routhier (ADR) is a Europe-wide protocol for transporting dangerous goods by road. Built to exacting technical standards, TIP ADR tankers comply with all current safety legislation for safe road transportation.

Due to the goods' volatile, hazardous or temperature-sensitive nature, ADR tankers handle specific cargo. TIP offers ADR tankers for all major types of liquid goods. These include the ADR chemical tanker, the Bitumen tanker, and milk reload tanker:

ADR Chemical Tanker

TIP ADR chemical tankers handle most hazardous chemical products. These tankers feature stainless steel cylinders with legislation compliant standards and safety fittings.

Single-compartment tankers are available with a 30,000–37,500 litre capacity. Their insulated barrels are suitable for low SG products. TIP ADR chemical tankers have full ADR and IMO certification. They also feature Fort Vale discharge, relief valves, vapour and splitter lines.

Additional features include a hydraulically driven discharge pump, triple axles with alloy wheels and a double catwalk with a low-level handrail. It is possible to undertake operator functions at ground level.

Bitumen Tanker

The transportation of hot bitumen and related products is a specialist job requiring high-specification purpose-built tankers. TIP offers fully specified insulated and temperature-controlled bitumen tankers. These have many safety features.

Features include a design temperature of 250 degrees C for rear splash guards, hand wheel type foot valve and pneumatically operated outlet valve. The stainless steel, single-compartment tank is triple baffled with a double handrail catwalk and triple axles with alloy wheels.

Milk Reload Tanker

TIP offers bulk road-based milk tankers and specialist rigid or articulated tankers for the challenging terrain of farm collection.

Both types of milk tanker offer insulated, food-quality stainless steel cylinders, ground-level operation and on-board cleaning systems.

A road-based milk tanker has a 30,000-litre capacity with gravity discharge. In comparison, a farm collection milk tanker's additional mobility has a 20,000-litre capacity and steering axles for enhanced maneuverability.

ADR tanker rental and lease

TIP are bitumen tanker rental specialists and experts in chemical tanker lease. For rental periods of up to one year, ADR chemical tanker rental is the ideal solution. For rental periods of one year and longer, stainless steel tanker lease offers a long-term logistical solution.

Both options offer flexible market-leading features, including: -

  • Fixed monthly payments
  • ADR tanker rental, including full-service menu + MOT + roadside assistance
  • Flexible ADR tanker lease with service package available
  • No capital investment
  • Lease a new ADR tanker or one from TIP's existing fleet
  • Maintenance and repair work available to all road hauliers

Please Note: The tankers featured here represent a small sample of the most popular types of ADR tankers. Contact us with your specific requirements or for more information on the extensive range of TIP chemical tankers, bitumen tankers and food-quality tankers.

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