Trucks with Multi-Configuration Superstructures – Rental and Lease

Fixed chassis truck: A truck with a fixed trailer or chassis that can accommodate different bodies or platforms.

Fixed chassis trucks are one of the most versatile road haulage vehicles.

TIP offers fixed-body trucks from 7.5-26t with varied specifications from a range of manufacturers. This flexibility allows you to choose fixed body truck rental or truck with superstructure lease, in any specification you require.  

Typical fixed-body truck configuration often falls into two categories; closed-body and open-body. Closed box trucks transport palletised or loose goods requiring weather protection. They are also ideal for securely transporting high-value items.

Fixed chassis trucks are also used for refrigerated or frozen goods transportation and can be specified with tail lift for easy loading/unloading.

The building trade favours open-platform trucks thanks to the ability to add rear-mounted loading cranes to the platform. This feature allows for easy loading/unloading of heavy, palletised/bagged loads and timber and steel.

Fixed chassis trucks are also used extensively for roll-off containers and intermodal transport between road and rail requiring BDF swap body systems.

It is possible to specify TIP fixed chassis trucks in many load-carrying configurations. Moreover, the ability to operate long haul or urban multi-drop scenarios makes the fixed chassis truck one of the most flexible cargo-hauling vehicles on the road.


Fixed chassis truck rental, lease and maintenance options

TIP are fixed chassis truck rental experts. Versatile short-term fixed chassis truck rental options cover rental periods of up to one year.

One of TIP's flexible lease packages is the best solution for anyone needing a fixed chassis truck for 12 months or more.

The financial stability of either option, plus maintenance and repair services available to all, offer real-world benefits to road hauliers:


Fixed monthly payments

Fixed chassis truck rental, including full-service menu + MOT + roadside assistance

Flexible fixed chassis truck lease + service package available

No capital investment

Lease a new fixed chassis truck or one from TIP's existing fleet

Maintenance and repair work available to all road hauliers


Please Note: Are you looking for a specific type of fixed chassis truck? Contact us. Thanks to our extensive fleet, TIP has a wide variety of fixed chassis trucks to meet your requirements.

TIP offers fixed chassis truck rental or fixed chassis truck lease from all leading manufacturers and more. Please note availability may differ per location. Check trailer availability in advance.

Are you interested in buying a fixed chassis truck? Then please look at the TIP Used site.

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