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TIP's tyre pressure monitoring solution for trailers

What is TyrePlus?

TyrePlus is the next generation tyre pressure monitoring solution for trailers, that is specifically designed to reduce fleet running costs and to improve vehicle safety.  In addition to tyre pressure monitoring, TyrePlus also provides temperature data to enhance early leakage detection, supporting improved vehicle maintenance and uptime. Thanks to TyrePlus, fleet managers will have the capacity to receive status reports on tyres through FleetConnected, including an early warning in case of anomalies.


  • Detects under and over-inflated tyres
  • Reports every minute to provide early leakage detection, increasing road safety
  • Detects temperature, reducing likelihood of ‘blowouts’
  • Reduces fuel costs, no. of breakdowns & extends tyre-life
  • Reduces CO2 ‘footprint’, tyre theft
  • Helps ensure trailers run to schedule

Why use TyrePlus?

Incorrect tyre pressure is one of the main causes of increased costs for fleet operators. Under-inflated tyres suffer irregular wear, which can decrease the tyre’s service life and increase costs due to premature and more frequent tyre replacement.

In addition, the gradual, unnoticed loss of air pressure following a puncture is the main cause of tyre blowouts and expensive roadside breakdowns.

More frequent tyre replacement or repairs means more vehicle downtime, which further increases costs and reduces the efficiency of a vehicle.

Under-inflated tyres also increase fuel consumption which, as the biggest single budgetary expense for many fleets, can have a significant cost impact. Tyres that are under-inflated by 20% can increase fuel consumption by as much as 3% according to tyre manufacturers.

TyrePlus has been designed to help maintain tyre pressure at the recommended level and to detect slow punctures early, maximising tyre life and allowing tyres to be repaired rather than be replaced.

In doing so, TyrePlus enables significant cost savings by reducing vehicle downtime and reducing fuel consumption.


How does TyrePlus work?

TyrePlus is designed to work with all types of trailer.  The solution continuously receives updated tyre pressure information from internally mounted sensors, and these are communicated to your dashboard. Rim-mounted, TyrePlus sensors provide a continuous correlation between tyre temperature and pressure to improve reliability.  

TyrePlus delivers continuous updates on tyre pressure and temperature from each monitored wheel to the back office, enabling fleet managers to easily follow up on tyre performance. 

When a tyre needs to be controlled or replaced, TyrePlus delivers the data directly to fleet depots, allowing them to schedule maintenance as and when required.

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