Waste Tanker Combi - Rental or Lease

Waste Tanker Combi – A one-piece truck unit with a combination vacuum, jetting and tanker capacity. Adapting the tanker to hold various liquids, hazardous waste and large-volume gas loads.

Typical waste tanker combi configurations

High output VacuStar 1600 vacuum pump, capable of 1,550 ms/h and fitted with a pneumatic pressure relief valve. A URACA-type KD 718 high-pressure pump with a 315 l/min at 170 bar capacity handles jetting operations. The pump has an electronic pressure regulator with a pre-selector.

The suction hose cassette features a DN125 telescopic boom. Meanwhile, the 1-in reel hose with its 180-degree slewable design extends to 170-m or 120-m for the DN25.

A smaller, 60m, ½-in bore, manually-driven hose reel also extends the reach.

The equipment features a remote control with CAN functionality and a vice for securing pipe fittings together with a hand wash as standard. 

The above options are TIP's most requested format. However, for specific equipment or specifications, please contact TIP.

TIP supplies vacuum truck rental and vacuum tanker lease from all leading tanker manufacturers and more.

Waste tanker combi, rental and lease options    

TIP offers waste tanker combi rental or lease with flexible, cost-effective packages. These packages reduce financial headaches so that you can concentrate on transport logistics.

TIP's rental service is the answer for a waste tanker combi short-term solution. TIP rental covers periods of up to one year. Alternatively, opt for a TIP waste tanker combi lease for a long-term solution to your logistical challenges.

Flexible yet stable and sustainable rental and lease options, plus maintenance and servicing packages, offer real-world solutions to your transport requirements.

  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Waste tanker combi rental, including full-service menu + MOT + roadside assistance
  • Waste tanker combi lease, plus service package available
  • No capital investment
  • Lease a new waste tanker combi or one from TIP's existing fleet
  • Maintenance and repair work available to all road hauliers

Please Note: Are you looking for a specific type of waste tanker combi? Contact us. Thanks to our extensive fleet, TIP has a wide variety of waste tanker combis to meet your requirements.

TIP offers waste tanker combi rental or waste tanker combi lease from all leading manufacturers and more. Please note availability may differ per location, so check trailer availability in advance.

Are you interested in buying a waste tanker combi? Then please look at the TIP Used site.

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