Flatbed Trailers

Flatbed trailer/Open platform trailer – A flat platform trailer with no walls, doors, or infrastructure. Particularly suitable for transporting long, heavy, or irregularly shaped loads.

What is a flatbed trailer? 

A flatbed trailer has an open deck or flat platform. It has no infrastructure or framework to support walls, a roof, or rear doors. Many options are available but the most common flat platform trailers have a steel chassis with a wooden deck. 

This trailer type has a simple layout and is popular throughout the road haulage industry. The flatbed trailer’s design is ideal for hauling irregularly shaped and heavy cargo. 

Why a flatbed trailer? 

Adding a flat platform trailer to your fleet expands haulage possibilities that are otherwise impossible for curtainsider or box trailers. These trailers can easily handle irregularly shaped or heavy cargo. For example, a flatbed trailer is suitable for carrying passenger aircraft parts or prefabricated buildings.   

A flat platform trailer lacks a framework and body panels so that you can use the entire bed. This feature makes the flatbed one of the most straightforward trailers to load and unload.  

The flexibility of side, top or rear loading saves time. It also does away with the need for a loading dock. Plus, the flatbed’s lack of walls and doors reduces maintenance and repair costs. 

  • Tailor-made for irregularly shaped and heavy loads 
  • Side, rear, and overhead loading and unloading. 
  • No need for a loading dock 
  • Reduced maintenance and repair costs.     

Rental, lease, or maintenance options 

The road haulage industry is subject to fluctuating and ever-increasing costs. So, fixed monthly payments of flatbed trailer rental or flat platform lease from TIP make perfect economic sense. 

TIP flatbed rental and lease solutions do much more than offer a fixed cost base. Setting monthly rental and lease equipment payments frees up vital capital investment funds. Moreover, TIP remains responsible for the usual financial headaches associated with straight purchases. These include capital investment, residual value, and depreciation. (This is true, but do we need to mention?) 

Even if you’re not renting or leasing a flatbed trailer from TIP you can still take advantage of TIP’s skilled technicians and workshop network. All TIP workshops are available for scheduled or ad hoc maintenance, repair work and MOT testing.   

  • Fixed monthly payments. 
  • Rental includes full-service menu + MOT + roadside assistance. 
  • Flexible lease term + service package available + no capital investment 
  • Lease a new trailer or one from our existing fleet of 84 brands of trailer. 
  • Maintenance and repair work available to everyone 

Note: Are you looking for a specific flatbed trailer?  Contact us. Thanks to our large fleet, we have different types of flat platform trailers in our range to meet your requirements. 

TIP offers flatbed trailers on a short-term rental or a long-term lease basis from all of the leading manufacturers and more. Please note that the available trailers may differ per location. Ask for availability in advance. 

Are you interested in buying a flatbed trailer? Then take a look at the TIP Used site. 

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