Refrigerated Trailers - Rental and Lease

Refrigerated Trailer: A temperature-controlled box trailer. Also referred to as an insuliner when using a curtainsider as the base unit.

What is a refrigerated trailer?

A refrigerated trailer or reefer is a temperature-controlled box trailer. Using a curtainsider as the base unit for a refrigerated trailer is also possible. When this is the case, it is known as an ‘insuliner.’ 

The common denominator in both cases is the Trailer Refrigeration Unit (TRU). This unit mounts externally on the front of the trailer and controls the temperature inside the cargo area.

Reefer and insuliner trailers specialise in keeping cargo at a set temperature. Yet only the reefer with its sealed and insulated box is suitable for transporting frozen goods. 

Why a refrigerated trailer?

In the fast-moving consumer goods sector, there is an increase in just-in-time ordering. So, ensuring temperature-sensitive cargo is transported in the correct climatic conditions is essential.  

For any business requiring cold chain transportation, whether in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical or floral industry, a refrigerated trailer rental or lease from TIP is a must.

As one of the largest and most well-respected trailer rental and lease specialists in Europe and Canada, TIP offers almost every type of refrigerated trailer.

Tip refrigerated units are available with single or double-deck trailers. The latter is also available with a ‘step-frame’ design. This feature, together with the increased height, enables the trailer to carry more cargo. Moreover, double-deck trailers can have their ‘second’ deck fixed or used as a lifting deck that can be raised for on-off loading.

The cargo’s specific temperature requirements determine the type of refrigerated trailer needed. For chilled cargo, insuliner rental or lease is the solution. Reefer rental, however, provides many additional options.


TIP can supply the reefer’s heavily insulated box trailer as a single unit or with multi-temperature-controlled compartments. This flexibility allows haulage operators maximum usage with the ability to transport frozen and chilled cargo in one container.  

Loading/unloading is via the rear door using a forklift or loading bay. Plus, with refrigeration units supplied by two of the industry’s leading names, Thermo King and Carrier, you have total temperature control.

Reefer rental, insuliner lease and trailer maintenance options

Do you need a short-term solution for temperature-controlled cargo transportation? TIP specialises in a flexible range of reefer rental solutions. Refrigerated trailer rental covers periods of up to one year.

A refrigerated trailer lease package is the best option if you need a reefer trailer for longer periods.

The same time periods and flexible plans are also available for insuliner rental and lease. The financial stability for either option offers real-world benefits.

  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Rental including full-service menu + MOT + roadside assistance
  • Flexible lease term + service package available + no capital investment
  • Lease a new trailer or one from TIPs existing fleet of 84 trailer brands
  • Maintenance and repair work available to everyone


Please Note: Are you looking for a specific refrigerated trailer? Contact us. Thanks to our large fleet, we have different types of temperature-controlled reefers and insuliners in our range to meet your requirements.

TIP offers refrigerated trailers on short-term rental or long-term lease basis from all leading manufacturers and more. Please note that the available trailers may differ per location. Check for availability in advance.

Are you interested in buying a reefer or insuliner? Then take a look at the TIP Used site.

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