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Electric Reefer Trailers

TIP Group Ambition

We have the ambition to partner with our customers in the electrification of their cold-chain fleet, to make sure in the nearby future electric reefer trailers run entirely on renewable electricity.

“Ice cold CO2-free: 100% electric reefer trailers”

Transporting perishable goods, like food, medicine, and chemicals, requires refrigerated trailers. But, they have a significant environmental impact due to energy use and emissions.

To tackle this, switching to electric reefer trailers is vital for greener, efficient cold chain logistics. Innovative solutions like energy recuperation axles, solar panels, and grid charging are making this transition possible.

Electric reefer solutions with TIP Group

Battery Only

The battery-only electric reefer trailer runs on a dedicated battery and charges using a plug, just like electric vehicles. Replenish power during stops, like loading, unloading, or parking, with the convenience of a readily available three-phase power connection.


A solar powered electric reefer trailer is a configuration where a reefer is fitted with solar panels on the roof which are then used to generate energy for the built in batteries which then supply the refrigeration system with power.

Energy Recuperation Axle

The energy-recuperation axle electric reefer trailer harnesses kinetic energy through a specialized axle, utilizing regenerative braking to charge built-in batteries while in motion.

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